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Three Little Birds ~ By Bob Marley


At UUSGU excellence in worship is at the heart of congregational life and music is central to excellent worship. Music communicates profound and powerful ideas. It inspires and elicits deep emotion. It invites exploration and play: it moves us.

Like worship itself, music and the arts build bridges to other communities, to other age groups, and to other cultures. It provides a means to enter into deeper understandings of our common experience and it also lets us have fun!

Our choir makes a huge joyful noise each time they sing and you can join at anytime; no auditions are necessary. If you are an artist of another kind, please make yourselves known to us: we’d love to display your creations, hear your words and feel your presence. Consider this your personal invitation to participate! Contact Dan Allison for more information and performance scheduling.

Nepal Benefit Concert ~ Beth and Barry Hall

Nepal Benefit Concert

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