Our Committees

UUSGU Committees, Task Forces & Working Groups

Please contact the church office to join or learn more about a committee or task force.

Building & Grounds Committee:

Oversees needs for maintenance, repairs and renovations to provide safe and attractive physical space.

Stewardship Task Force:

Sets pledge goals for upcoming year, publishes canvassing materials, monitors pledge income, updates contributors on status of pledge, and evaluates canvassing process.

Finance Group:

Manages the long-term financial plans of the church, including investment and cash flow management.

Fundraising Task Force:

Organizes fundraising events, such as (in recent years) Auction, Antique Show, Christmas Fair, and Flea Market/Rummage Sale.

Marketing Group:

The marketing committee offers many facets of representing our congregation to the larger community. We use diverse media to report on and announce events, advertise, design signs, take photos, promote events and the church in general. Additionally, the church website is maintained by the marketing committee.

Membership Group:

Welcoming newcomers, new member orientation, and contacting long-time absentees and those in need. Organizes social events such as potluck dinners and entertainment. Recruits volunteers to greet and host social hour.

Committee on Right Relationships

Appointed by the Minister and Board to promote effectiveness of ministry and right relationship for members and friends of our congregation.

Nominating Task Force:

Appointed annually by the Board to recruit members to serve on the Board.

Religious Education Committee:

The Religious Education (RE) Committee guides and supports the spiritual development of our youth by supporting and working collaboratively with the Director of RE (DRE) to meet program goals. We run registration and secure volunteers; greet and orient new families to RE; implement the Safe Congregation Policy; and update/maintain supplies and curricula for classes. The RE committee meets monthly.

Worship & Arts Committee:

Assists and advises Minister on worship matters. Assists guest worship leaders.

Social Justice Task Force:

The Social Justice Committee organizes the congregation’s work around a theme. We provide opportunities for study and reflection and we coordinate a variety of service projects. Celebrating the many ways our members make a difference in the world, we understand social justice as a way to find meaning and purpose in our lives and to live out our faith as Unitarian Universalists.

Pastoral Care Task Force:

Sends out get well and sympathy cards on behalf of the congregation.