UUSGU – About


Those who are new to UUSGU and to Unitarian Universalism can explore life’s questions without any sort of creedal test. We believe the true measure of a religious tradition is shown best by deeds, not creeds, trusting the work of our hearts and hands above any ancient words that may not have meaning in our lives today.

At UUSGU we keep an open mind to the spiritual questions people have asked for centuries. We seek religious truths through personal experience, conscience, and reason. Trusting that revelation is not sealed, we do not look to any one source, or book, or person for religious authority. Rather, we trust in the individual search for truth and meaning, found and tested in the bonds of community, just as many famous Unitarian Universalists have done through the ages.

We agree that some beliefs are good for us and our world, while others are not so healthy. We regard the highest values to be integrity, justice, truth, peace, tolerance, compassion and service. Advancing these ideals has always been a major purpose of our congregation and our great faith.