Religious Education

At UUSGU, Religious Education is for all ages.

It is faith development— a lifetime process of evolving and deepening our faith, growing spiritually, and learning to care for each other and our world with understanding and compassion.

Statement of purpose from the Religious Education Committee

By providing a safe environment to foster spiritual growth– which includes having good role models and time to focus, center, and be mindful– for any age person to learn, explore, share, and ask questions, we hold the space for persons to:

  • Learn about Unitarian Universalism as a religion and what it can mean to be a Unitarian Universalist.
  • Be part of a faith community and learn to build community with shared values.
  • Discover spiritual tools to be used in living life fully. (The UU Principles and Sources are a resource for this.)
  • Explore some of the “big questions” of life such as “What is my purpose?” “Where do we come from?” “Where are we going?” and other religious and spiritual questions.
  • Learn how to be active, responsible, caring, respectful citizens of the world—our interdependent web of existence.
  • Be part of receiving and passing on our Unitarian Universalist history, knowing that ours is a “living tradition.”


2018-2019 Learning Opportunities on Sunday Mornings

Little Lights – Ages 5 and younger. Up to age 6 during the summer and Multigenerational services.

Little Lights is our childcare option for parents attending service. It is a comfortable, fun, engaging space where a child can begin to develop a relationship with their faith community. Miss Katie and Miss Mary,  adults experienced in providing child care, welcome children from 9:30-11:30 every Sunday with crafts, singing, and games.

Please know that children are always welcome to attend service in the sanctuary with their families. UUSGU is a family friendly church and we encourage and support you to make the choice most comfortable for your family.

September 10,2017- June 17, 2018:

Spirit Play group— Children age 5 up through 5th grade are offered a curriculum called “Spirit Play,” where they can listen to and wonder about stories related to our whole-congregation monthly spiritual themes. Using a Montessori, story-based approach, Spirit Play encourages independent thinking, values different learning styles, gives children choices, and develops a sense of spiritual and Unitarian Universalist identity.  Activities (called “work time” in Montessori terms) are varied and geared toward different ages. 

Junior Youth– 6th – 7th graders are exploring world religions through a UUA Tapestry of Faith curriculum, “Building Bridges,” to deepen understanding, broaden awareness, nurture open-mindedness, and support faith.

High School Youth Group– 8th-12th graders meet Sunday afternoons to create their own path of exploration. Recently, they have been working on fun fundraising projects for the church and social justice efforts. All high school youth are also encouraged to attend and engage in the worship services, or assist with RE for younger ones. They are welcome at Adult Faith Development offerings.

One Room RE for age 5 – 7th grade happens once a month after Children’s Chapel, with theme-related activity stations. It is a wonderful opportunity for building community across different ages.

Our annual late spring “MAY There Be Peace & Justice” is also done as One Room RE.

Worship services at UUSGU are experienced in a variety of ways:

  • During most worship services, children are together with their families and the rest of the congregation for the first part of the service, with a “Time for All Ages” before they leave for their RE groups. Parents can always opt to have their child or children stay with them during the whole service.
  • Multigenerational Worship Services are for everyone and take place on selected Sunday mornings throughout the church year.
  • A monthly Chapel for children and junior youth is held in Fellowship Hall, followed by One Room RE. Parents are welcome.

Adult Faith Development

We strive to have offerings in these interconnected areas:

  • Exploring faith and belief (presentation, discussion, field trips)
  • Spiritual growth, Spiritual practice (experiential)
  • Unitarian Universalism history, traditions, identity

Current ongoing group offerings: Kirtan, silent meditation, bring-your-own-craft nights, small group study, and women’s group.

In the belief that faith development and spiritual growth involve being of service and advocating for social justice, adult faith development and social justice ministry at UUSGU interconnect and overlap.  An example of this in practice is our monthly volunteering at Community Supper in Milford to help serve a free meal.

Being an RE Teacher for Children and Youth

People new to UUSGU are invited to wait 6 months to a year before volunteering to teach RE for children and youth. We want you to get to know us, and we want to get to know you.


Religious Education Committee


Nuray Wallace (chair), Bette Lotterman,
David Seligman, Denielle Burle

Joscelyn Young
Director of Religious Education
508-839-2927 or 774-276-2042(cell)